The expression "small win" may seem like a trivial statement, but to Dizzy Wright, it's the genesis of his relentless pursuit for success as an MC. Developing a thirst for the microphone when his classmates were satisfied with sipping Juicy Juice, the Las Vegas rapper has over a decade in reps. In the last four years, Dizzy has released six mixtapes (his earliest one under the moniker Dizzy D Flashy), dropped his debut album, SmokeOut Conversations, and an EP for lyrical insurance.

Along the way, the 22-year-old signed a lucrative deal with independent stalwart Funk Volume, amassed a dedicated following in and outside of his hometown (and country, for that matter), and procured a spot on XXL's Freshman cover as the "People's Champ." While these accolades tell one story, Dizzy continues to divulge another. "They’re always big for me," he says. "But I treat them all like small wins."

The pursuit continues. 

In between his extensive touring schedule and putting the finishing touches on his latest mixtape, The Golden Age, Dizzy Wright discussed the lineage of his humbling childhood, his obligations as a father, and what he has planned for the future. Who Is Dizzy Wright? You're truly about to find out.

As told to Edwin Ortiz (@iTunesEra)

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