Remix by: Funkstar De Luxe
Album: Keep On Moving (It's Too Funky In Here)

Leave it to Martin Ottesen, aka DJ Funkstar Deluxe from Brussels, Belgium to turn this quirky Wailers gem into the original party anthem. First released on Club Tools Records the single has taken on a life of its own, hitting the Top 10 all across Europe. Talk about flipping a track: the original features a plastic melodica and reminds ganja-puffing listeners to move their dancing feet in the sunshine while the synthesizer-driven remix gets pill-popping revelers amped up for the summer party season. No telling how many people have booked tickets to Ibiza after hearing the tune but our guess is a lot. Of course some reggae purists are horrified by the whole thing, which explains the following YouTube video comment: “For all the whiny turds that complain about the title, I've added the word ‘Remix.’ So don't squirt your pants!” Excellent advice.

Original: The Wailers "Sun Is Shining" (1971)