We're not 100% sure, but we're beginning to suspect J. Cole is mad at Complex. It all started earlier this week  when Cole went on a Twitter rant calling out all the things he thinks are fucking up hip-hop. He claimed one-listen reviews were ruining hip-hop and then took it a step further to say, "Your whole publication is fucking up hip hop." We weren't sure if that was a shot at us but on Drake's new song "Joedci Freestyle" Cole's takes what sounds like a subliminal as he rhymes, "Yet your covers keep perplexing me/Maybe it's too Complex for me."

We must admit, we find this strange seeing as how our actual one-listen review of Born Sinner was largely positive and we've been supportive of Cole throughout his career—giving him a digital cover when his first album dropped and recently naming him the No. 3 on our list of Best Rappers In Their 20s. But then we remembered that at the heart of anger is usually sadness.

By the looks of it, J. Cole is just a sad guy. Which we find perplexing since Cole is a big star who just dropped a successful second album. And yet, every time we look for images of Cole he either looks like he just found out someone ate the last Krispy Kreme donut or he just recieved a breakup text. Click ahead and see what we mean and remember, it's all in good fun...

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