Over the years, J. Cole has stolen many things: The hearts of millions, Kanye's release date (Born Sinner, in stores June 18!), and—not surprisingly—your girl. Over and over again, Cole has had his way with her: He's crushed on her and subsequently crushed her; he's paid attention to your girl when you couldn't be bothered. Cole, like most young rappers, isn't really a tough guy. So one way to talk tough without having to be gangster is to claim you can steal someone's girl, which is pretty cool and doesn't have to be violent. 

When you (all of you) were away, Cole and his eyebrows stuck around, only getting more comfortable. You're probably angry, but you probably need proof. So, Complex hired the best private eyes around—ItsTheReal's Eric and Jeff Rosenthal—to go through A History of J. Cole Rapping About Stealing Your Girl. Enjoy? Enjoy!

Written by Eric Rosenthal & Jeff Rosenthal (@ItsTheReal)

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