Back in April, word spread like wildfire that Dick Clark Productions, who produces everything from the Golden Globes to the Academy of Country Music Awards shows, was looking to produce an awards show for dance music. We're in the middle of EDC Week, and the EDMBiz music conference is underway, so of course Insomniac CEO Pasqualle Rotella decided that now was the time to announce that they were aligning with Dick Clark Productions to produce a dance music awards show to air in 2014. Dancing Astronaut is reporting that Rotella had been dreaming for a long time of doing something like this, and that linking with DCP was "an easy sell." They did not share any information, but the obvious question(s) will be when it will be held, where it will be held, and who will televise this historic event. We won't even get into how they plan on deciding these awards, but we'll keep you posted on any news when it develops.