Song: "Murder to Excellence" (2011)
Album: Watch the Throne
Conscious Or Ign'ant?: Conscious

As the offspring of a professor and a journalist, Kanye learned early that facts are man's most powerful weapon. If used correctly, they can settle a dispute with more efficiency than a gun. Thus, where other rappers brandished firearms, Kanye brandished statistics. "Murder To Excellence" returns to the point Kanye made during the infamous Katrina telecast. Whether or not the government cares about black people became an endless debate, but what other conclusion could be drawn from these statistics? For the first five years of Kanye's stardom, the death toll of the Iraq War dominated the daily headlines. Meanwhile, the streets of Chicago registered a death toll of equal or greater numbers, and yet that war remained invisible. The more the public wanted to avoid these facts, the more Kanye insisted we face them.