Album: Block Party (unreleased)
: Goldmind/Atlantic
Producer: Timbaland

The Cookbook was good enough, and Tim never stopped making hits, but any fan of Missy Elliott and Timbaland knows they're better together than apart. At least, that's what we assumed, until their long-awaited 2012 reunion for a pair of ill-fated comeback singles. "Triple Threat" was merely missing the old magic, but "9th Inning" was actively bad, with Timbo mumbling usually justifiable boasts about the pair's status as hitmakers and innovators, while Missy spit sadly untrue predictions about her revived career: "I'm so hot, up on the charts number one spot/See me when I drop and I won't flop." Instead, Block Party went back into release date purgatory, and fans forgot they ever heard either song in record time.