In case you weren't aware, this week is YouTube's Comedy Week, and Hannibal Buress was one of the perfomers. He decided to kick his track "Gibberish Rap" (taken from the awesome Charcuteries and Champagne Vol. 1 mixtape from Tony Trimm), and got the one and only Skrillex to be his DJ. Skrillex ends up dropping "Express Yourself" remixes, the Mario Bros. and a bunch of ballerinas come out. It's madness, but is far from over. That's right, Skrillex came out later for a live rendition of the Skrillex vs. Mozart "Epic Rap Battle" that dropped last month. The real Sonny doesn't get on the mic, but he does have fun with it, which plays to how truly awesome he is as a person. Check that out below:

(Dancing Astronaut)