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Yes, that happened. In less than three minutes, Jordan Laws finds a way to drop every Daft Punk track into this live mix, including "Get Lucky." Some tracks get a bit of time to flesh out, others are in for quick snippets, but it's a pretty dope routine whatever way you slice it. Jordan says:

"A new concept for my live shows. I wanted each sound sample to have a visual element, and be played live so there is a human feel in a sea of technology.The song title is not meant to be taken literally because sometimes art isn't meant to be taken literally. In any case for all you sticklers, track listing below. Enjoy."

Whatever the case may be, DAD loves seeing things like this. As the time for Random Access Memories to be in your hands/on your iPhones/in our lives is winding down, we need clips like this, which allow us to remember why we love the androids so fondly.


Around The World
Da Funk
Digital Love
Face To Face
Get Lucky
Harder Better Faster Stronger
High Life
Human After All
Oh Yeah
One More Time
Robot Rock
Rock N Roll
Rollin & Scratchin
Short Circuit
Something About Us
Television Rules The Nation
The Brainwash
The Prime Time Of Your Life

(Dancing Astronaut)