"A Change is gonna come." —Sam Cooke.

"Be a star, and stand up to bullying." —Diddy.

Today, Diddy linked up with World Wrestling Entertainment to end bullying through a motivational video. Reports of bullies halting their aggressive behavior mid-swirly were reported across the country. 

This is a brave stance for Diddy, whose previous controversial public positions included being pro-voting.* Today, he opposed bullying in the promotional video while wearing an "Invisible Bully" t-shirt, which is very confusing. Is he an invisible bully? Is he advertising for invisible bullies? Is that the name of a new group he's managing? What exactly is he trying to convey? One thing is for sure: this is on the same wavelength as "Vote or Die."

*That was probably much more productive, though.

[via MissInfo]

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