Lyric: "But here's a jimmy joke about your mama that you might not like/I heard she was the 'Frisco dyke/But fuck your mama, I'm talkin about you and me." (1:53)

This diss actually requires some explanation: On the song "Dre Day," Dr. Dre lays some pretty brutal attacks against Eazy-E; Snoop's verse was about Tim Dog, the Bronx rapper who, jealous of the attention N.W.A. and other West Coast acts had received, famously said, "Fuck Compton." Near the start of this verse, Snoop tells this joke (which isn't really a joke, but no matter), saying that Tim Dog's mother has a penis. It's confusing, because, if his mother really was endowed, how could Tim Dog ever be born?! Did they have science back in the 1990s?