The Weeknd just dropped a new song called "Kiss Land." It looks like this will be the first single off of his upcoming project, also titled Kiss Land, which he announced on Twitter in March.

Information on his forthcoming release is sparse, but this is The Weeknd we're talking about.

The new track is nearly eight minutes long and blends into another song halfway through, reminiscent of older Weeknd tracks like "House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls" and "The Party & the After Party."

Yet, the song shows considerable growth on the Weeknd's part. For one, his song writing is even more fleshed out than before, as he boasts a bridge for once. Plus his drums hit harder than ever before. This is all good news since Weeknd has always had a defined aesthetic, and by the looks of it he's finding ways to continually refine it.

Listen to the new sounds above.


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