Album: N/A
Label: Shurfine Records
Producer: Danny Renee, Wendell Parker

When a song starts off with an alien voice you know it's going to be good. Furthermore, when the first line of the first verse features a rapper saying "Let me introduce myself," you know you are in for a nice treat of positive classic rap. Not only can the idea of "ATLiens" easily be traced back to this song, Atlanta rap's origins in general go back to "Space Rap," as it's one of the first ATL rap songs ever.

Full of cliche '80s rap lyrics and devices, "Space Rap" exemplifies how fun and carefree hip hop is supposed to be. With all this said, we're still not entirely sure that Planet Rap-On is an actual planet. And, now that we think of it, Danny Renee is clearly the Future prototype, repping a planet that's not really even a planet.