Bro, I totally have heard of that band. They rule.

On last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the titular host sent his Lie Witness News crew to the Coachella Music Festival to interview festival-goers on the latest trendy bands. Except they made all the bands up (aside from Two Door Cinema Club).

In the above clip, you can watch everyone pretend to know about such bands as "Get The Fuck Out of My Cool" and "The Chelsea Clintons." 

There's a trend here. It's a broadcast generation, and everyone is advertising their tastes and knowledge at all times—the last thing you want to do is get caught out there admitting that you may not know about something.

The problem is, when you don't actually know what you're talking about, it can be kind of transparent. To quote Lil Scrappy: just "be real."

[Via Gawker]

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