Fail Occurred: 1/12/2007

He being a CEO-slash-rapper, Jay-Z felt too big to respond to outright disses from the Dipset collective. So, he sent his newest Roc La Familia protegé, Tru-Life, into battle; a pawn, at best. Tru aimed high, putting out Tru York, a mixtape remembered only for the artwork: a Photoshopped Jim Jones in a Borat-style thong and Cam'ron as a Seventh Avenue transsexual hooker. Retaliation came quickly and nerdily. Tru's MySpace was plastered with a new cover, one for Jim York that featured Tru and Jay-Z where Dipset had once stood. Also, a fake message was sent out to his MySpace friends (2007!), with a fake Tru apologizing for disrespecting Dipset. The excuse? He was just "broke," "dust smoking," and bored from driving his "96 Windstar Caravan."