Fail Occurred: 8/31/2004

After leaving Harlem (and rap) in 1999 to become a preacher in Atlanta, it was hard to understand how Pastor Betha could fit in with the rap world again. But Betha sure did try, putting on a big smile for his 2004 comeback album Welcome Back. Teaming up with Cooda Love's Fo' Reel Entertainment (also the home of Nelly) and walking a weirdly wholesome line with his lyrics, the man formerly known as Murder Ma$e's new music was unbearably safe fluff that seemed like a dated throwback to the Harlem Shake craze of '01.

With a first single that sampled the Welcome Back Kotter song and a Mister Rogers-themed video, the former jiggy pop prince seemed like an awkward prop from a era long gone. Curtis took him shopping on Rodeo in 2005 (and got him to rap like a sinner again), but a contract with Puff mercifully smothered his much-hyped deal with G-Unit before he could embarrass himself a second time.

Is that you, Betha?