Fail Occurred: 3/21/2006

In May 2005, Game had a butterfly-wings spread-tattooed beneath his right eye, a signifier of "new life." He had just donated $500K to Compton's schools, and was looking to spread positivity. Everything was fine until people made fun of him because, you know, he's a rapper and rappers aren't supposed to have butterfly tattoos on their faces. So, he got the Dodgers' LA logo drawn over it, since (as he said), "I woke up one morning and I was on my shit like I usually be, and I felt like I was the face of L.A. So I went to the tattoo shop and put LA on my face." He later slapped an ugly red star into the mix because you could definitely still see part of that fuckin' butterfly. Yeah, this guy definitely has a tramp stamp.