Fail Occurred: 1994-2005

This is going to sound strange to younger readers, but The Source used to be a really important magazine! (A magazine was like a bunch of Wikipedia pages that came to your house once a month.) Dave Mays and perpetually desperate wannabe rapper Benzino co-owned The Source, but Benzino ran the magazine as if it were a soapbox to stand on. While Mays was managing his Boston group the Almighty RSO, Benzino attempted to force the staff into giving RSO positive coverage. (They quit, instead.) In '99, an anonymous critic wrote up Zino's new group, Made Men, giving them four and-a-half mics for their album; a classic. By the time he started his obsessive beef with Eminem-via print and radio airwaves-all of The Source's cred had fallen out the window. The Source lost advertisers, subscribers, access to Universal Music Group artists, and-after filing for bankruptcy-it finally lost Benzino.