Album: Hard Core

Lil Kim came full force on "Big Momma Thing" with features from Jay-Z and Lil Cease. Before the features came the original version with outrageous lyrics taking shots at Faith Evans with the lines "B.I.G. you're rockin' my property, P.Y.P. play your position/Know I got ya wishing you never started dissin'/Plus I give head better than you/Pussy get wetter than you/Fuck better than you/I dedicate this song to ya ass/Like R. Kelly and that twin Pac up in your belly," a reference to B.I.G. being Kim's property, and Faith having sex with Tupac.

The original version was scraped in favor of Jay-Z's verse, which declares his attraction to Kim and his desire to get her down with the Rocafella clique. And no wonder: "Big Momma Thang" was the record that served notices Lil Kim was out to get hers without any apology and raising the bar for some of the raunchiest lines ever heard in rap, period—female or male. With lines like "I used to be scared of the dick/Now I throw lips to that shit" as the opener to her song, there was no doubt who was the Queen B, a title that will never be taken from Lil Kim. —Lauren Nostro

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