Best Songs: "My Mind Went Blank," "Playaz From the South," "Bounce That Azz," "You Got It," "Fuck Dem Niggaz"

While 2Pac is commonly remembered as the first rapper to drop a double album, Master P actually beat Pac to the punch by three months. Released in November of 1995, Down South Hustlers was a return to Percy’s southern roots after having spent most of his adult life in Richmond, California. P dropped two compilations dedicated to his Cali counterparts under the West Coast Bad Boyz namesake, so it was only right he put something together for the playaz from the South.

Bouncin’ & Swingin’ was one of the first albums released under the No Limit/Priority partnership, and P no doubt scrolled through his rolodex, calling in favors from some of hip-hop’s true underground kings. Regional stars like The Dayton Family (who weren’t even from the South), Eightball & MJG, and UGK all pitched in stellar contributions, and Master P gave DJ Screw his first mainstream look alongside Houston MC Point Blank. It was likely the first time anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line had ever experienced the Screw sound. The project was an early indication that P was a trendsetter and visionary, and that he planned to do everything in a grandiose fashion from there on out. He never looked back.