Last week, French Montana denied signing Brockton, MA rapper Lil Poopy to his Coke Boyz label. Now, in a recent interview with Philadelphia's Wired 96.5 radio station, French is taking it one step further, claiming that he has never co-signed Poopy or his music. "When I seen him I showed him love, but I never co-signed none of that," the New York rapper said, adding, "Keep my name out of that [discussion]."

The vehement denial of Poopy's affiliation with the Coke Boyz movement seems to stem from recent reports that child services are investigating the boy's father, Luis Rivera, Sr., for child abuse. French seems to allude to that during the interview, claiming that "it comes down to parenting before anything else."

Lil Poopy has yet to respond to French's denial directly. Today, the rapper took to Twitter to shout out his attorney, Joseph Krowski Jr.

[via RapRadar]