It should come as no great surprise, but 9-year-old Coke Boys rapper Lil Poopy is the subject of an investigation by child services. It seems Johnny Law isn’t super comfortable with a fourth-grader hanging out in clubs, getting tons of feminine attention and releasing an album called Coke Ain’t a Bad Word. As a result, Poopy’s father, Luis Rivera Sr. is looking at a 51A, which lets the Department of Children and Families look into possible child abuse and/or neglect.

As AllHipHop points out, a community activist in Poopy’s hometown of Brockton, MA said of one of Poopy’s videos, “With the girl bent over and the other girl grinding into him, a 9-year-old with stacks of money and rapping about glorifying the drug trade, and demeaning women? A kid at the third- or fourth-grade level, talking about coke? It’s not entertaining. That’s borderline child abuse.” Brockton police Lieutenant David Dickinson agreed, calling the whole situation “a bit much for a 9-year-old.” Decide for yourself and see what our friends at Pigeons & Planes think about the kid via the link below.

10 Reasons Why Lil Poopy is the Youngest Don

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