It's more fun to root for a rapper who lives outside of the traditional confines of what's expected from hip-hop artists. That's why (some) people love Kanye West for wearing leather kilts. That's why people love Jay-Z for owning part of a professional basketball team. There's a punk rock aesthetic to doing something different, even if it's just what you wear or invest in.

When it comes to music, Lil Wayne is the most experimental rap artist operating in the mainstream. He sings, he (kind of) plays guitar, he mingles with Paris Hilton and DJ Khaled in the same breath. That type of diversity should be rewarded, not shunned. Even if you don't dig his endeavors outside of hip-hop, it can't be denied that transcending cultural boundaries plays a massive role in an artists visibility and "hotness."

But maybe they don't like Skateboard Wayne the same way "they don't like Givenchy Kanye."