Producer: Jermaine Dupri
Album: Hummin' Comin' at 'Cha
Label: Sony

"I saw Xscape singing at my birthday party, and it was just in my mind that I was going to sign them. So from that point it was like, what's next? What's the next thing to do? ["Just Kickin' It"] was just my vision of what I felt like the girls should be singing. I wanted a record that actually was a hybrid between hip-hop and R&B, so I wanted the hook to say something that was hip-hop but I wanted it to be a song. The hip-hop people would not ignore it—because at this time, when I made this record, hip-hop and R&B wasn't living together the way they do now. It wasn't the normal thing to have rappers on R&B music. So it's like the first time I thought, without putting a rapper on the song, let's just make a song that infuses both of those things.

"I wasn't really paying no attention to [competition at Uptown Records]. As a young person, you don't pay attention to competition, you pay attention to the fact that you got an opportunity."