In a recent interview with DJZ, Carnage said outloud what we imagine a lot of producers are thinking when it comes to the trap scene: It's shelf life could be limited if producer's don't fix up and bring some originality to the scene:

I’m in a middle stage of people realizing that I’m done with trap. Some people have really embraced it, while others just expect me to always be a trap guy. I remember a couple weeks ago it almost felt like people were going on strike from dancing because I wasn’t playing trap. But there are people that understand my frustration around the hype.

Trap is gonna die by summer. I’m not saying nobody is gonna be making trap, but it’s going to lose its novelty. It’s not gonna be cool anymore. What happens is things like trap or say moombah, once it blows up, everybody starts producing it, but really just shadowing the talented artists in those genres. Every trap song sounds the same now. I got lucky with “Spaceman” because it was perfect timing. People were amazed to hear a big room track like that remixed into trap. But now you can go on YouTube and search any song you want, then put “trap” at the end of your search, and I guarantee you will find a trap remix to it. There are like 50 “Gangnam Style” remixes!

He even spoke on something that bothered us as well: EDM blogs calling "Incredible" trap, when it is clearly a house record:

It’s been exciting to see success for our track, but it’s even amazing with ‘Incredible’ when I see listeners thinking it’s a trap song. There is nothing in it that resembles trap. No influence from trap at all. No snares, no 808s, no nothing. But a lot of blogs seem to not realize that and just assume its trap because it’s me.

We think more of that is a) dumb bloggers needing teaching or b) people trying to horn in on a buzz word. Shouts to Carnage for sticking to his guns and being him. He's shining no matter what... although we'd be lying if we said we'd be fine with him not making trap anymore. He's supported by DAD regardless.