Nas is, without question, one of the greatest rappers ever. He's always delivered thought-provoking, rewind-worthy lyrics in abundance. But, in-between his socially conscious, uplifting songs, there's a chance that you'll find yourself in the middle of what feels like a hip-hop version of a 50 Shades of Grey plot line.

Simply put, Nas has said some pretty weird shit. When scouring his discography to compile our list of The 50 Best Nas Verses, we ran across a lot of lines where he divulges raunchy, kinky, and straight-up bizarre sexual fantasies and fetishes. Fascinated by this oft-overlooked niche of his catalog, we took a microscope to his rhymes to find the quips that do his "Nasty" moniker justice.

These are The 10 Grossest Nas Lyrics. We suggest wearing protection.

Written by Tannis Spencer (@LaVisionary)

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