Zedd: "I thought I would never sign to a major label. I've worked with Dave Rene, who's now my A&R at Interscope, and my co-manager at the same time, who finally signed me to Interscope. I worked with him because he commissioned me for remixes earlier, so he was the first one to kind of believe in be at the label, and give me a chance to remix really big artists without no one really knowing me.

"Still, I didnt really want to sign to a major label because I wanted the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. We figured out a deal where I basically have full control over what I want do but I still have the power of a major label, which you can't deny. I don't think I would have been able to achieve what I've achieved without Interscope.

"We found a system, its not a regular major label system. I'm almost my own A&R, it's not like there's someone who can tell me that this song's not commercial, has to be shorter or whatever. We're one team. We all do everything together, everyone is part of the marketing, everyone is part of the video decisions, so it's really not a regular major label system. That's basically the part that made me sign to the label. The major label does have a lot of benefits and there's a lot of people that can work with you to do things you can't do on your own and I wanted to have those benefits; that's what made me sign."