Zedd: "First of all, we're starting the year with this single, 'Clarity,' which we just put the video out for. We will officially start working on another single in February, thats the first thing to happen for me this year. On the next single after that, we're not even sure what its gonna be. I will definitely use another single after "Clarity," we'll figure out what that one will be. We're very flexible in the way we work so we'll see what happens and just react to the things that happen and make the decision then.

"I think I might do another remix, I've done a lot of remixes in the beginning of my career, I scaled it down, more and more and I ended up only doing one true remix last year, so I think I might pick another song for a remix this year. It just has to be the right song.

"Besides that I made a new song with Ellie Goulding, which will be a new single of hers, but I'm not exactly sure what her plans are. I've done a lot of new music for several artists which I didn't really give to anyone yet, I just made music then I will decide who it is for. Then, obviously, make my own music, when I find time."