They’ve won Grammys, played the White House, broken sales records and now Mumford & Sons are really looking to break out of their comfort zone. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Londoners revealed that they’re ready to step away from their trademark indie-folk sound. Said frontman Marcus Mumford,

“We definitely had a graduation to go through with the sound that we had through Sigh No More to Babel, and that sound to us feels satisfied. And that’s a sound we’ll always play. The world has been really supportive of those songs, but then there’s other sounds we want to make.”

When asked about the specifics of their new direction, though, the band goes significantly further than expected. Mumford says that the boys are thinking of exploring sounds

“like hip-hop. We really want to rap. We’ve got so much to say – saying it through a melody doesn’t really work for me. We’ve been talking with Jay-Z about it, you know. It’s gonna be a fresh experience for our band.”

So who knows, the world might soon see a Hov-assisted Mumford & Sons rap album. Stranger things have happened.

[via PigeonsAndPlanes]