Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown
Worst Song: "American Star"


"Hey, Lil Wayne: You just released the biggest album of your life, you're widely considered the best rapper alive, and you could literally sell a million blank CDs if you put your name on them and put them into stores next week. So, what are you going to do next? Hold're going to do WHAT!?!?!" That had to be the conversation that went down in the Cash Money offices when Weezy decided he was going to put together a rock album—something no one wanted to hear and he had no business making.

It sounded like a bad idea then, it sounded like a bad idea when it leaked months ahead of time thanks to an Amazon shipping error, and it sounded like a bad idea when we actually heard it. We're just glad Wayne's done with that phase in his life...wait, you are done with that phase, right, Wayne?