When you talk the leaders within the drum & bass scene, Critical Music's one that has grown from strength to strength over their decade of dominance. Started in 2002, Kasra's keen ear for talent, especially those that have been untapped, has lead to a string of captivating, forward-thinking singles, EPs, and compilations being put out. Critical has a voice, and that voice is purely Kasra. It has since spawned a sister imprint (Modulations) that digs further into the deeper side of drum & bass, and with new signings to the label, Critical Music is set to continue on this path for the next decade.

Most of our Five Tracks contributions find DJs and producers speaking on influential tracks from the past, but Kasra actually gives us a peek into the stuff he's grooving to now. And it's not all drum & bass, although his new signing Mefjus is featured. If you want to get an idea of what's going to be pushing the boundaries of sound in 2013, this list will be right up your alley. Here are Five Tracks, from Kasra.

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