Director X: "No, we’re not flying it, but we were definitely in a jet. It's a lot, especially for the amount of time that you see it. It’s a big production. In the 2000s, people were jumping out of airplanes and they had Hummers, and they shot in the desert. They danced with Jennifer Lopez. Busta Rhymes was turning into metal. We all grew up watching these videos that were giant productions where people were working really hard to entertain and compete with one another.

They were trying to do the biggest and best thing they could possibly make and then he gets to make a video and they’re like, 'Here’s 100 grand.' So 'HYFR' was the beginning of him pushing it conceptually, but this is where he said, 'I’m going to push the envelope monetarily. I’m going to spend the money and make the bigger thing and make those videos that people will actually enjoy, not just something that plays because you want to hear the song.'"