Album: Low End Theory
Producer: A Tribe Called Quest
Label: Jive

When Bussa Bus spazzed-out on this landmark posse cut, it rang the death knell for Leaders of the New School, as it became immediately apparent to the entire planet (possibly with the exception of Charlie Brown, Dinco D and Cut Monitor Milo) that Mr. Rhymes had out-grown his former crew and established himself as a star in the making.

The drums drop-out to announce his opening bars, as he attacks the mic like a demented circus performer, flipping, bending, and contorting his cadence and vocal intonations with such self-assurance that it leaves no doubt that this is only a taste of greater things to come. The "dungeon dragon" outburst has become so iconic that Nikki Minaj adopted it for her own star turn on "Roman's Revenge" to similar effect.