When people talk about Skrillex's production work, it's normally for his solo tracks. The man behind OWSLA is 1/2 of Dog Blood, and is getting his feet wet with some hip-hop production credits. For some reason, his remix game gets left behind.

Think about it: he's remixed Lady Gaga twice, alongside reworking tunes for everyone from Avicii to the Black Eyed Peas, plus he won a Grammy for his "Cinema" remix! His signature sound has a number of different variables, and he's unafraid to flex his studio muscles over the original ideas of his peers.

On his birthday, we take a look at Skrillex's 10 best remixes to show you that he's bigger than the stereotypical sound people associate with him... or that he's signature sound isn't just "Bangarang" 50 times over, and the best way to understand that is to take a look at his remix work.

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