After treating the world to an awesome video with "Summit" last night, Skrillex showcases how the power of running your own label, with the release of his Leaving EP via the Nest, the members-only side of his OWSLA label. Contained on this are three tracks, including the opener "Reason," which he finished about an hour before the release of the EP.

"Reason" showcases a side of Skrillex that doesn't fit with the normal, stereotypical sound from him. His knack for a catch-y melody is intact, and while this does have a dancefloor-tinge to it, Skrillex let's the synths do the talking, showing that he does in fact have the ability to pull back, even if it's just a bit.

Skrillex fans should definitely be up on "Scary Bolly Dub," which has gotten play in his sets for a while now. This is more of the Skrillex you're used to, although not at his full-bore. The bass is more in your face this go round, but the slower mood opens things up a bit. There are also some familiar movements in here, and your grandmother might still cringe when the screams pierce through. If Skrillex was going to attempt to "dub" out his music, this is probably the best example of that.

"Leaving" is the tune that's gotten the most immediate response. Loads of comparisons to Burial, which are fair but are kind of unfounded. Skrillex, instead of standing on a speakerbox, two middle fingers in the air, just rolled out a calmer, IDM-esque tune. It's not the best track of his career by far, but it definitely shows his range. He's more than aggression and beautiful melodies; he has a bit of an emotional side, and this might be the first true example of where his music could go. Do we wish to see Skrillex showcase the different "voices" that his music can provide? Definitely. You can hear, even at his most abrasive, that he has glimpses of a multi-faceted producer. Some of the movements here feel simple, which can be beautiful, but you don't want to fall into a trap of none of your music sounding mature. Especially when it's trying to hard to BE mature.