Meet Summer Cunningham. The 20-year-old singer from Georgia that sent Nick Minaj into a fit, driving her to walk off of the panel.

Here's what happened: Cunningham sang a soulful yet very country rendition of "Lean On Me" and then said, post-performance, that she did "the whole country thing" and is interested in pursuing other genres of music. Keith Urban unbuttoned his shirt and steam started to pour out of his ears. Just kidding. His shirt was already unbuttoned.

But obviously Urban, along with Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson felt like the contestant's voice was more fitting for country. Nicki disagreed and they all began to argue before Nicki walked off set.

Nothing really matters because the contestant is going to Hollywood.

It's disappointing to see Nicki be a diva but she has a point. While the other judges are simply trying to give the singer some feedback, Nicki sits there with a pout on her face. At the end of the clip, she explains that she doesn't want this contestant to be put in a box. You know, how Nicki's not really in a box. She's a rapper, she's a singer, she's a pop star, she has her own fragrance....etc.

You can watch the whole clip below. But Keith, you can be a brain surgeon and change your career—that makes sense. 

[via YouTube]