Munchi is the one I have my eye on in the next few months.  He had a seizure in 2011 while playing in Hawaii, thought he was better, and quickly resumed his rigorous schedule.  It didn't take him long to realize that he needed a break, and he's been off of the radar for the past 6 months, less his very public beef with Azealia Banks.  He claims via his blog that he's going to start back his monthly EPs again, and I'm certain this is because the material is done, or at least in it's final stages.

We've met in person a couple of times, and seem to always fall into deeper discussion about really pushing the sounds that people seem to overlook or forget.  He's been toying with "skullstep" for years, and wanted to be sure that he could give the genre justice as he tried to re-create his own style within its' confines.

Munchi sent me a couple of these tunes over the summer, as I was about to play a trap show on Shade45.  The time difference had him sending these tunes right after the show ended, and I didn't get to play them out.  They were absolutely bananas, and should make you think: If this is the stuff he was prepping during the summer, what's he been to while tucked away in Rotterdam?  Let's hope he's been plotting the whole time...

For more info on this project from the man himself, and the download link, check out Munchi's post.