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Album: III: Temples of Boom
Label: Columbia, Ruffhouse Records
DJ Muggs: “I was going to redo the Bob Dylan song. Me and Joe ‘The Butcher’ went in with a band from New Orleans and recreate that track. But I don’t think B-Real was feeling it. Because we wanted him to do Bob Dylan, you know, his voice? And I don’t think he was really feeling the idea. I was really excited about the idea, and I know Columbia was excited when they heard the idea, and the beat was sick, with the brass.

“So we ended up doing this version, and when we sent it in, I think Donnie Ienner was like, ‘Waaaah. This ain’t what I wanted. I thought I was getting a Bob Dylan song. Have B record this shit and send it.’ But it never worked out. The music is still on the reel somewhere.

So this is the version we turned it. It was one of the bonus tracks, because they wanted a bonus track [for the import releases]. It was cool.”