Few names like Dillon Francis can cause such a stir. Between his penchant for pranking, his heart-warming and unabashedly loving relationship with his parents (he often brings them out on stage), to his strangely passionate affection for cats, Dillon Francis is an entertaining character; something that dance music really needs. More than just his personality, Dillon is also a dynamic producer.

After originally messing with dubstep, Dillon made his way hopping on to the moombahton sound pushing his way to the sound's forefront. Since then Dillon has established himself as one of the top young producers in the game, churning out collaborations with the likes of Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, A-Trak, and many more. And unsatisfied to stick to any particular sound, Dillon has slowly but surely started moving towards the trap sound, and we're very happy about it.

Today we have a preview from the LA local, a remix of Dada Life's single "So Young So High." This new glistening trap remix is a perfect example of just one of the ways the trap sound is continuing to evolve. I think it's safe to say, we're all over the DAMN SON samples, and we're happy to have this one. Put your shades on, take your girl to the beach, bring out the boom box, and put this one on and let it do the talking.

This remix drops on January 16 via Beatport.

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