In what has become an endless string of Twitter beefs, Azealia Banks, while in the midst of a war of tweets and raps with fellow female rapper Angel Haze, got into it with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton tonight, calling him a "f****t" publicly on Twitter. It seems as though Perez sided today with Angel Haze in the middle of her beef with Banks, tweeting at Azealia, "You got something against girls with small breasts???" And from there, the nastiness began, as Azealia responded, "Get the fuck outta here dickbreath. U were just riding my clit yesterday..... Kick rox." Perez then tried to hit up Nicki Minaj to get her to side with him on "Team Haze."

This all culminated with Azealia calling Perez "a messy f****t," which was followed by an explanation, and an apology for her comment, but the apology was not directed at Perez. We'll have to see in what direction this beef goes. For now, peep the tweets below.

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