Great minds think alike, and as more music gets made, it's only natural that more artists' sonic ambitions begin to overlap with what's already been put out there. That means that, yes, it's possible for a Nicki Minaj album cut to sound a lot like a Radiohead one from 10 years earlier. That also means that, oddly enough, the beat Hit-Boy gave Jay-Z and Kanye West for "N****s In Paris" strongly resembles a cult classic trap track that Lil Jon produced several years prior.

And it goes so much deeper than that. You have Kelly Clarkson songs out there that have the same chord structure as Spoon records. Rihanna has a joint on her new LP that starts off almost exactly the same as "Message in a Bottle" by the Police. Read on for more examples like these and get ready to have your mind blown. These are 57 Songs That Sound The Same.

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