Date: July 30

Miami's Pitbull, known as Mr. 305 for being born and raised in the county of Dade, has in recent years evolved into Mr. Worldwide, a moniker that derives from his crossover rap-dance music and popularity. But neither of those nicknames would lead anyone to believe that Pitbull's most fascinating business trip this year would be to the farthest, coldest reaches of the United States: Kodiak, Alaska.

Walmart's social media scheme to get Pit to perform at the store with the most Facebook "likes," worked in a way that Pitbull nor Walmart anticipated, thanks to the intrepid trolling of David "Arr" Thorpe. 70,000 likes for the Kodiak branch later, and Pitbull was on stage, receiving a gift of bear repellent from the city's mayor, who one would assume, goes by Mr. 907.