Craziest request: A late model Maybach ('57 or '62) with tinted windows

So Jigga went from Marcy-projects hustler to requesting late model 'Bachs while on tour. What does he need a Maybach for? To take some spins around the parking lot a la "Otis" with some middle-aged chicks? For his safety, let's hope the the ones he's provided with aren't the chopped and screwed ones with missing doors.

As for the champagne and snacks, "I went to One Trump Plaza on their asses/No room service, just snacks and shit"—at least Hov's staying true to his word.

Full list of items: A couple six-packs of Sapporo, a bottle of Belvedere Vodka, two bottles of Patron Silver, two bottles of red, Italian wine from Bolgheri Region, two Ace of Spades bottles, and peanut butter and jelly.