Craziest request: A Bob Hope impersonator

Whether the items requested by Iggy Pop are legit or not, he wins on the basis of wanting a Bob Hope (look him up if that name's not familiar, youngsters) impersonator at every show. Not only that, but Iggy apparently wants to laugh even more, as he desires a copy of USA Today featuring at least one humorous story about obese Americans. Fair enough, Iggy, but what's with the item about the reality TV show in which people eat dog meat? Gross.

Full list of items: Entire pages dedicated to the live mixes, someone who can speak English, location of speakers and amplifiers, and colorful anecdotes about them all, including a rant about Santiago de Compostela. Also, "two dedicated and intensely loyal" security men, strong tea and coffee, assorted food, two "enormous pizzas," bread (baguettes namely), some fruit, and chocolate. "Yum, yum." And 12 bottles of "nice beer," dinner for 10 people as well as Iggy and two others, a deck of playing cards, and more. Iggy's room was to be designed by someone "loose with a little bit of flair."