Label: Rostrum
Released: March 23

Despite being an independent artist, Mac Miller has established himself as a major player in hip-hop. Following the success of his No. 1 debut album Blue Slide Park, the Most Dope general continued his momentum with the free digital release Macadelic. Appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Juicy J, Lil' Wayne, and Cam'Ron made for an impressive tracklist, and Mac Miller was able to meet lofty expectations with a solid body of work.

While Mac reaches out to the usual suspects I.D. Labs, Clams Casino, and Ritz Reynolds for production, he experiments sonically and showcases his songwriting ability beyond stacking 16-bar verses. From "Loud" to "Clarity," Macadelic features a wide range of songs, whether you're ready to turn up or turn down. -Julian Patterson