Label: Idlers/Warlock
Release Date: 11/8/1988

The great thing about Straight out the Jungle is that it has the spontaneous feel as if Mike G, Sammy B and Afrika Baby Bam had just grabbed a pile of their favorite records, some good food, some even better smoke, locked themselves in the basement for a weekend. Come to think of it, that's probably exactly what they did.

Providing the first taste of the Native Tongues sound, the JB's channeled the philosophy's of the Zulu Nation for a new generation, as they introduced beaded Africa medallions, Q-Tip, and the term "Jimbrowski" to the rap world. Earthy beats and a playful, relaxed delivery made empowering anthems like "Black Is Black" impossible to resist, setting the stage for the pioneering work of De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.