Uploaded: March 30, 2012

Mixtape: Ain't You Spenzo

DGainz: “I met Spenzo originally--it was a girl on Twitter. I used to joke with her on Twitter, like trying to socialize with everybody. And I remember her writing that her friend Spenzo raps, like ‘He really want to work with you.’ I was like aight, give him my number. He called me and rapped for me on the phone, he had a freestyle on ‘Racks On Racks.’ I was like damn, he can really rap. He told me he was only 15. I was like, damn you only 15 and rapping like this?

“I remember somebody posting one of his freestyles on Facebook and I was able to see how he looked and get the vibe of him. I was like yeah, he kind of dope. And he threw me off, like he was real persistent. I ain’t never meet nobody that was that persistent so I was kind of hesitant with him. I remember him tweeting something about me, he did a subtweet about me. And I hit him like, I hope you ain’t talking about me. I remember him saying something foul, it wasn’t necessarily disrespectful but it made me feel shitty, like who is this kid talking to?

“I remember him calling me and apologizing like, ‘Man, I just really want this, and you not giving me a chance.’ I was like you know what, let me give you a chance. I ended up going to the studio with him to record the song ‘Windy City.’ We ended up shooting a video for it, and the video turned out crazy. I really liked his vibe. The second video we did was ‘Do This All Night.’”

“One of my favorite videos was Jamie Foxx ‘Blame It,’ that’s the vibe I was going for with the song. I took a whole Hype Williams look with that video, that’s the feel I wanted. We shot it on two different weekends, it took a week to finish it. We shot it, we went to the movie theater and shot a little scene. We shot a scene the next week and wrapped it up. It had a lot of views and all that.”