Uploaded: August 1, 2012

Mixtape: Do You Know Who I Am?

DGainz: “I had known Sasha for about a year when we did the ‘Tatted’ record. I remember her coming over to my house and I’m like I got some beats I want you to hear. Let’s do something, let me produce a song for you. I let her go through the beats and she heard that one. She was like, ‘I like this beat.’ I put the ‘Tatted like a biker boy’ [Gucci Mane] sample in and then I gave her the beat and she wrote her verses to it. She originally recorded the song at my house, and with my guy Rich Laurel at his studio.

“I shot that one with Elevator too. I remember the first scene we shot at Lotice's house, he had a little tattoo setup in his crib. We shot it with the black backdrop and one of the girls that was there got a tattoo in the process. Then we went downtown and shot the bicycle scene when she’s on the back of motorcycle. I remember her telling me she was scared.

“I remember that the other girls that was dancing in the video, they were dancing awkward as hell. I remember editing it like, man, they asses can’t dance [laughs]. Sasha was swagging thought, but she had a couple of girls in the background that were kind of pissing me off.

“[Seeing Sasha perform it at Santos Party House in New York] was the only time seeing it out, ‘cause I can’t go to other shows because of my hearing impairment. But I remember it coming on and just saw the people bouncing to it. They were bouncing on their tippy toes. And they just started going crazy when the beat dropped. I loved the reaction to see people vibing to my music that I helped create. I remember the deejay playing ‘Money Dance’ after that and I seen everybody going crazy over that. It was a great feeling coming to New York and seeing people like the music I create too.”