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Uploaded: November 28, 2011

Mixtape: More Than Music

DGainz: “Oh yeah, that video was crazy. We actually shot that video twice. The first day we shot it, I think we shot the video in November, 2011. I remember the first day we shot it, we ended up shooting it at nighttime. I was using a Canon 7D, it was my first time using it, and I didn’t know what I was doing with it, so the quality of the video came out real shitty. When I was shooting it we shot a scene in a hallway and I remember hella, hella people pulling out guns and I’m like, God damn! I can’t put that shit in no video!

"The only fear I had is if one of them guns going off. Like when we were shooting in the hallway the first time we shot the video, I had the tripod. And they was pointing so many guns at me I just set the camera on the tripod and walked away from the camera, like, man! Y’all are about to shoot me up in here.”

“I told Keef, when we left the video, I wanted to re-shoot it. I told him I didn’t like how it turned out, so we shot it a week later in the daytime and I just came up with the concept. I called him like, I want to do it like a movie, like in the beginning. I told him the idea and he said, ‘Hell yeah, let’s do it.’

“He actually did pretty good on the acting, him and Tadoe. It was hilarious when we was doing it, but it came out good. We just rolled around, we was in the Englewood area when we shot it. We shot the first part of the video in his house and then we went to the Englewood area and shot the rest of it. It wasn’t anybody out there when we pulled up. It was just me, him and his manager Dro. There wasn’t too many people out there, and I just remember turning around and hella people came out there all of a sudden, trying to get in the video.

"The little kids, that shit with the little kids was amazing. I ain’t been around no little bad kids in a while, and I was just looking at the shit the kids was doing. Again, people saying I’m trying to promote [violence or] whatever, I was basically showing people what I see. It’s real. I was seeing the little kids singing and knew the words to the song. They brought a gun, I was like, what the hell? It was crazy to me, and it was like, I wanted people to see what I was seeing. So that’s why I put that in the video. But the video turned out decent and I put the video out like a couple weeks later and Keef ended up getting locked up the same week I dropped the video, that’s when he caught that case.

“When I seen [the WorldStar video with Keef's young fan, which first drew attention to Keef nationally], I thought [Keef] probably knew the kid at first. And then I saw people posting it on Facebook like, ‘Shorty tripping.’ When I watched the video the first thing that came to my head was, damn, he got real fans. Like it tweaked me out. His shit was on Worldstar! To see Keef’s name on Worldstar, I just knew, man something, was finna happen."