Uploaded: May 25, 2012

Mixtape: Inspired By the Struggle

DGainz: “The song was actually a year old. It had been on YouTube the year before. I produced it. My brother who was locked up was originally on the song, but they didn’t have any records to do so I just had to chop his verse out and shoot that. ‘Cause like I said earlier, we were having differences. I remember hitting both of them up, like ‘man, we need to meet up and talk and get this music stuff rolling. Ya’ll falling off, you gotta do something.’

“We met up, Choppa and Billionaire, and they was kind of feuding with each other. I was like, man, we bigger than this. We met up, we all got to chilling. I had just bought a new lens or whatever. We were just sitting back, talking--that’s how a lot of shoots I did turn out, and I said ‘do you guys want to shoot a video since we out here?’ They was like, ‘Hell yeah. What song we gonna do?’ I said shit, let’s do this.

“We went out, bought bottles of liquor and weed and all that, and just shot the video. I remember everybody was just out there wildin’, just going crazy. It felt good because we hadn’t did anything in a minute. It was a good feeling, like we might could spark it back up.”